Cargo and Door to Door services between the Philippines and Japan such as Balikbayan Box| TRANSTECH Co., Ltd.

QUESTION.1 Do you have English or Tagalog speaker staff?

ANSWER.1 Yes we do.
Please push 1 for English or Tagalog or 2 to choose japanese language , when you contact us. We will connect you to our reliable staff immediately.

QUESTION.2 Do I have to pay for the original Balikbayan Box?

ANSWER.2 Our original box fee is included in the service charge so you don’t have to pay when the original box you ordered is delivered to you.
However if you want to cancel to use the service after we delivered the box, please be aware that we will charge 2,000 JPY per original box.

QUESTION.3 How long does it take to deliver the box to the Philippines?

ANSWER.3 Your box will be delivered to our warehouse every Tuesday, and forwarded to customs. A week later, your box will depart Japan and will arrive in Manila in about a week. Once your box arrives at the port in Manila, the import procedures will begin. We will forward to our local partner company’s (LBC) warehouse and then deliver to the final destination.
Approximate duration of delivery from Manila LBC’s warehouse to the following destinations is…
Metro Manila 2-3 days, Other Luzon 4-5 days, Visayas region 7-10 days, Mindanao and other islands 15-17 days.

Approximate duration of delivery from Japan to the Philippines
Metro Manila        4weeks         Other Luzon      4-5weeks
Visayas                 5-6weeks         Mindanao          5-7weeks
Other Island          5-7weeks

lease be aware that delivery could be delayed due to the change of the ship`s schedule, unpredicable weather, and during peak seasons such as Christmas. We advise our customers to leave sufficient time to prepare and send their box.

QUESTION.4 What kind of items are not allowed to send?

ANSWER.4 Items which are not allowed to import/export for both Japan and the Philippines according to regulations.
Please check the items below for your reference.

QUESTION.5 Can I send rice?

ANSWER.5 Unfortunately, you cannot use our service to send rice as it is prohibited by law.

QUESTION.6 Can I send cash?

ANSWER.6 You cannot put cash in your box and use our service. However, you can use our sister company’s service that provides remittance service. For further information, please contact TransRemittance 03-6869-9999

QUESTION.7 Can I send major appliances which are bigger than original box?

ANSWER.7 Unfortunately, we can’t send items which are bigger than the box. However, we can accept for example, brand new LCD TV (below 42 inch) with an original box from the maker. Please contact our customer support for further information.

QUESTION.8 Can I select my preferred pick up time for my box?

ANSWER.8 Pick up time is as per the below.
Monday to Saturday
①11:00~15:00      ④14:00~18:00      ⑦17:00~21:00
②12:00~16:00      ⑤15:00~19:00      
③13:00~17:00      ⑥16:00~20:00      

Sunday and holidays

Acceptance time during the weekday is 9:00 to 17:00 and Saturday is 9:00 to 16:00
If you contact us and make a reservation for pick up time during our business hours, you can reserve the following day for pick-up of your box.

QUESTION.9 Can I send items from the Philippines to Japan

ANSWER.9 Unfortunately, we don’t offer such services at this time.

QUESTION.10 Can I send from Okinawa?

ANSWER.10 Yes, you can. Please be aware that you have to pay an extra charge. Please contact our customer support for further information.

QUESTION.11 How can I make payment? Can I use my credit card?

ANSWER.11 Please make your payment at a convenience store or post office using the invoice sent with the box you ordered or you can also transfer your payment to our bank account. We are sorry to that we don’t accept credit card for your payment.

QUESTION.12 n what cases must I pay extra charges?

ANSWER.12 If the original box size changed due to the way you packed, or the payment was delayed and storage fees are required, we will charge additional fees.

QUESTION.13 Can I track my box?

ANSWER.13 Please prepare your tracking number written in the bottom of your packing list and contact our customer support for the confirmation.

QUESTION.14 Does the package covered insurance?

ANSWER.14 For Super Value Box USD 1,000 USD, Premium Box 500 USD and Compact Box 300 USD covered by insurance. Please check the sending manual for further information.

QUESTION.15 I have received the box but the items inside are broken. What should I do?

ANSWER.15 If your box is damaged or the items inside are broken, please send by post or fax to us your request for survey within 10 days. Please be aware that we don’t accept requests once 10 days have passed. We only accept the request for the survey from the shipper or consignee. Once we have received your request, we will start the survey from both the shipper and consignee side.